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Search for ready4 library and function dependencies using our interactive app.

As an open-source project, ready4 depends on the software created and shared by others. Using the DependenciesGraphs R package, we have created the Shiny app below to:

  • explore the inter-dependencies between ready4 libraries;
  • highlight how our software depends on other R packages;
  • itemise the contents each ready4 library;
  • display function help files; and
  • map function inter-dependencies across multiple ready4 libraries.

To use the app, choose one of the two potential pathways:

  • For Pathway 1, start at Step 1 (choose the libraries you wish to profile from the drop down menu and click on the Go button), before proceeding to Step 2 (click on one library that you wish to view the contents of), then Step 3 (click on the view functions button) and finally Step 4 (click on the function for which you would like to view documentation);
  • For Pathway 2, start at Step 1 (choose libraries from the drop down menu), then Step 2 (click on the Find functions button), then Step 3 (select functions from the drop down menu) and finally Step 4 (click on the Make graph button).

Note, as the app is displayed on this page via an iFrame, it may be difficult to view on a phone. If so, you can try the following link: