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Coders can use ready4 to enhance the impact and re-usability of their algorithms.

If you are a coder, you may be a data scientist or software engineer by training or are perhaps a quantitative researcher who spends a high proportion of their time writing code to undertake their work.


The primary role of coders in ready4 modelling projects is to author modules that implement computational models.


The ready4 tools of most use to coders are the software framework libraries for authoring modules.


ready4 provides an opportunity to write software that matters! Our aim is to help improve population health through empowering decision makers with better models. If you already write code for health-economic modelling projects, the ready4 software framework may help you enhance your impact (facilitating code re-use) and work-efficiency (through partial automation of code development and quality-assurance workflows).

Contributing to ready4

The types of contribution you can make to ready4 include: