Introducing ready4 framework modules and syntax

Announcing the introduction of a novel approach to developing modular models with a simple, consistent syntax.

The ready4 framework has reached a major milestone with the launch of tools to implement modular models that use a simple and consistent syntax.

Development version software to implement and extend the ready4 framework has been publicly available for over a year now. However, the way that this code was limited has limited its potential utility as a toolkit for developing transparent and modular mental health systems models. The latest release of the ready4 R package addresses these limitations with two important innovations:

  • introducing the concept of modules, to facilitate consistent application of an Object Oriented Programming approach throughout the ready4 software suite;

  • codifying a simple and consistent syntax for use in all programs that implement configurations of models developed with the ready4 framework.

To view or cite the archive copy of the version of the ready4 package which introduced these innovations use To view or cite the most recently archived copy of the ready4 package use The latest documentation for the package is available at