The ready4 prototype software framework supports computational health economic model implementation that meet explicit transparency, reusability and updatability criteria.

Transparent, reusable and updatable (TRU) computational health economic models are signifiers of ethical modelling practice. The ready4 software framework provides tools to help implement TRU models.


Model code and data are publicly available in online code repositories and data collections. Algorithms are documented and transparently and regularly tested. Model development occurs in the open and invites community participation, with each individual’s contribution publicly identifiable. Analyses are reproducible and replicable.


Model modules and datasets originally developed in one modelling project can be independently reused in other projects. As they share a common framework, model modules can be combined in other models and analyses to address multiple topics. Code implementation paradigms facilitate the transfer of model modules for use in other decision contexts.


Model code, data and analyses are versioned, with an ongoing program of making new and updated releases. Software is maintained, with opportunities for users and contributors to flag issues, request features and supply code contributions.

Last modified February 2, 2024: more tidy-ups of model export (11ef896)