Development releases

Development releases provide the most comprehensive and up to date public record of a ready4 project’s source code but may be poorly documented and tested.

A complete record of all publicly available versions of a ready4 software project’s code over its entire development history (including the most up to date version) is stored in the ready4 GitHub organisation. We refer to these comprehensive publicly available source code resources as “development releases” (even though these records will include versions of our code that we have not formally labelled as “releases”).

Public access to development releases allows individuals to install, test and preview code in advance of production versions being released. Development releases also provide transparency as to who contributed what to a software project and when these contributions were made. Accessing the latest development version of the code is particularly useful to people who wish to contribute bug fixes or new features to our code.

Limitations of development releases include the likelihood that some or all of this code may be inadequately documented or tested. In peer reviewed publications, it is generally considered preferable to avoid citing the copies of code stored in GitHub repositories as these repositories are impermanent (they can be moved, renamed or deleted at any time).

Last modified March 6, 2023: added vicinity and aus details (ca0de3f)