How ready4 aims to improve the development and application of health economic models.

What is ready4?

ready4 is a prototype software framework for developing living and transferable health economic models and applying those models in reproducible and replicable research. The project is implemented in the open source language R and is led by researchers at Monash University.

What is a software framework?

A software framework is a shared technology that can be used by multiple teams to collaboratively author software.

What is a computational model?

A computational model is a simplified representation of a system of interest that is implemented in computer code.

What makes a ready4 model modular?

The paradigms we use for computational model development allow individual model components (modules) to be independently reused (in other models) and safely and flexibly combined (to model more extensive systems).

Why is that useful?

We hope that ready4 will help address significant limitations in how health economic models are implemented, encourage data sharing and facilitate modelling analyses that generate valuable insights for health policymakers and system planners.

Who is it for?

ready4 is designed to be primarily used by coders and modellers working collaboratively on computational modelling projects in which other stakeholders such as funders and researchers make essential contributions.

What is it being used for?

Currently, ready4 is being applied to develop and apply a modular model of youth mental health.

Can I use it?

ready4 is publicly available and free for you to assess (to verify and validate), apply (to use and/or author health economic model modules) and to derive your own derivative works from (to leverage and enhance the work of others) under liberal terms of use.

Why is it a prototype?

Currently, most of the ready4 software suite is available in the form of development releases. That means the libraries implementing ready4 may require more development, documentation and testing before it could be confidently used for scientific purposes other than the specific studies to which the ready4 development team have already applied it.

Why is it called ready4?

ready4 is short-hand for “readyforwhatsnext”, the title of the research project that catalysed the framework and a reference to how computational models can improve the preparedness of decision makers and system planners.

Where should I go next?

We’d recommend reading the documentation in the order in which sections appear in the table of contents (so go next to Examples, then to Getting started and so on). Scientific manuscripts on the framework’s ethical underpinnings and early implementation are also available.

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