Citing ready4

If you find ready4 useful, please cite it appropriately - it is easy to do!

To make it easier to cite our software, each software item bundle includes a CITATION.cff file. Inclusion of this file means that the repositories storing our software can generate appropriate citations in the format of most relevance to you.


  • Zenodo provides a free text field under the heading “Cite as” which enables you to generate a wide range of citation manager and journal specific citation outputs. There is also an “Export” tool that will generate citation metadata in multiple output formats;
  • OpenAire Explore has a “Cite this software” button that allows you to generate a citation in multiple journal formats or to download BibTeX or RIS files;
  • Github repositories have a “Cite this repository” button that can generate both BibTeX and APA output as well as link to the Citation.cff file.

Additionally, we have included a CITATION file in each of our R libraries so that you can generate a citation from within an R session using the citation function (for example: citation("ready4").

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