Unreleased code

Some work in progress code has yet to be publicly released or fornmally acknowledged as part of the ready4 suite.

Currently, a new ready4 software project initiated by the ready4 core team will by default be made public as a pre-release version in the ready4 GitHub organisation. However, there are some important exceptions. Principally, these exceptions relate to code that we authored in the initial phase of ready4’s development to which some or all of the following apply:

  • the code is highly unstable because it has not been (fully) updated to account to major changes implemented in core dependencies;
  • the code uses outdated naming conventions and is potentially confusing when used in conjunction with other elements of the ready4 suite; and/or
  • the code repository has yet to be cleansed of artefacts that are not yet appropriate for public dissemination (e.g. renders of draft scientific manuscripts).

Depending on which of the above issues apply to a code repository, that repository will either be:

  • a private repository (not accessible to anyone outside the core development team); or
  • a public repository stored in a location other than the ready4 GitHub organisation.
Last modified March 6, 2023: added vicinity and aus details (ca0de3f)