Modellers can use ready4 to leverage the work of other modellers and to implement reproducible modelling analyses.

If you are a modeller, you are responsible for the overall implementation of a modelling study from initial conceptualisation through to analysis and reporting. You are likely to be an economist, epidemiologist or statistician and are probably reasonably comfortable with writing analysis scripts in statistical software (potentially including R), without necessarily being a coding wizard.


The primary role of modellers in ready4 modelling projects is to use modules to undertake analyse as part of modelling projects.


The ready4 tools of most use to modellers are the software framework libraries for authoring model datasets and analyses and model module libraries for use in computational modelling.

Benefits of using ready4

We hope that ready4 can be of benefit to you by helping you to efficiently build on work by other modellers, to implement more reproducible workflows, and to share your work so that it can be reused.

Contributing to ready4

The types of contribution you can make to ready4 include:

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